"So then, each of us will give an account of ourselves to God"
--Romans 14:12  

Our dedicated Restaurants Practice includes audit, tax, and consulting professionals who can offer a full range of solutions, each designed to help you sustain and improve business performance. We go beyond traditional accounting services, providing you with personal attention and a truly consultative approach tailored to meet your needs.

Besides handling your tax, auditing, and consulting needs, we’re experienced at connecting restaurants with private equity firms and other outside investors so you can continue to grow and thrive. We’re prepared to help you navigate any future liquidity event, whether that’s planning for a transaction, providing tax advice during negotiations, or supplying the technical expertise to anticipate a deal’s effects on future reporting. Relying on one firm to deliver a broad range of services will save you time spent educating consultants about your organization and your industry—and you gain the security of knowing assistance is readily available.


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